Fresh Off of the Launch of the Legendary iBOT®, Mobius Mobility CEO, Lucas Merrow, Adds His Experience to the LeviSense Medical Project

Beverly, MA – December 1, 2022 – Venture-backed medical smart surface company, LeviSense Medical, Inc., announced that Lucas Merrow has joined its board of directors and will assume the role of non-executive Chairman.

Mr. Merrow is a technology entrepreneur with a track record of three successful exits, and a history of building high-performance teams focused on solving important problems in healthcare. He currently serves as the CEO of Mobius Mobility, the manufacturer of the iBOT® Personal Mobility Device, a breakthrough product for people with disabilities. Mr. Merrow recently led the introduction of the iBOT® to the Veteran Administration’s twenty-five spinal cord injury specialty centers, as part of the iBOT®’s national rollout.

“Someone who oversaw the introduction of innovative rehabilitation technology and has expertise in scaling operations is exactly the experience and skill set that LeviSense was looking for,” said Dave Bertoni, LeviSense CEO.

As a founding CEO, MIT electrical engineer, and former product manager of Dean Kamen’s DEKA Research, Mr. Merrow understands innovation and product development. “Pressure injuries are one of the most common, costly, and deadly challenges facing hospitals, long term care facilities, and the homecare industry. The LeviSense therapeutic surface technology is a game-changing solution for this significant public health problem. I’m excited to help LeviSense realize its full potential,” said Mr. Merrow.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT, Lucas also has an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

About LeviSense Medical, Inc.:

LeviSense Medical, Inc. is a Boston area medical technology firm engaged in developing a therapeutic bed system that will advance the prevention and treatment of pressure induced wounds and ulcers in a variety of patient populations and disease states.


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