SensorCell™ Flotation Therapy

A therapeutic bed system that will advance the prevention and treatment of pressure induced wounds and ulcers in a variety of patient populations and disease states.

Transformation of Treatment

The transformative LeviSense system is a departure from outmoded existing technology and makes treating pressure ulcers easier for the caregiver and the patient.

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Prevention Through Active Intelligence

The system scans the patient’s form, position, and movements several times per second and uses Active Intelligence to adjust the surface to protect the patient from excessive pressure that causes bed sores.

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Telehealth: Fewer Readmissions

LeviSense Tele-Monitoring, Active Intelligent SensorCell Protection, and One-Touch Comfort get patients home quicker and can reduce the incidence of hospital readmission.

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Breakthrough Technology – Active Intelligent Pressure Management


  • Protects patient from excessive pressure by dynamically adjusting to changing positions
  • (EX: 26 mmHg)


  • Realtime pressure mapping
  • Caregiver remote monitoring and control
  • Recording of position changes for care compliance

The SensorCell Flotation Surface

Extraordinary  Envelopment

  • 100s of independent cells
  • Conforms to the smallest contours of the body

Deepest Immersion

  • 5“ deep immersion (2X current products)
  • Cradle 40% more surface area

The Intellidaptive Bed

SensorCell Protection Surface

  • Active Intelligent Pressure Management
  • Custom Surface Creation to Float Trouble Areas
  • Heel Flotation
  • Remote Monitoring and Reporting
  • Active Patient Protection
  • Realtime Pressure Map

The SensorCell

Sensor Cluster in Every Cell

  • Real-time, individual cell monitoring and recording
  • Monitor cell height and pressure

Individual Cell Control

  • Programmable surface contact pressure for every cell
  • Programmable support height for any cell

LeviSense Medical would like to recognize these great brands for their contributions.

Bleck Design Group

Bleck Design Group

Blue Chip Medical

Blue Chip Medical

NOA Medical Industries

NOA Medical Industries

Umano Medical

Umano Medical