Eight VA Medical Centers Will Collaborate With LeviSense on the Development of Its Therapeutic Bed System

Beverly, MA – June 1, 2021 – Venture-backed medical technology development company, LeviSense Medical, Inc., and the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem’s Innovators Network (VHAIE/iNET) will collaborate as a part of the Greenhouse Initiative to “put the voice of the Veteran and the VHA into the innovative products of the future.”

LeviSense will be working with nurses, caregivers, surgeons, and specialist staff from eight VA medical centers (VAMC) across the country.  Via the Greenhouse Initiative, VHAIE/iNET provides access to a pool of engaged and equipped frontline health care professionals and millions of end users.  Using input from VA staff, LeviSense engineers and designers will adapt the SensorCell™ technology to meet the needs of the veterans and the caregivers throughout the integrated healthcare system – from ICU to home-based healthcare.

VHA hopes that this collaboration will result in improvements in the treatment and prevention of pressure injuries in Veterans within a VAMC setting or in the community dwelling spinal cord injury patient population.

The collaboration is structured in two phases.  In Phase One, LeviSense will collaborate directly with VHA frontline clinical end users from eight VAMCs collecting feedback on current bed systems. The participating VAMCs are:

  • Orlando VAMC (Lead Innovation Specialist)
  • Sheridan VAMC
  • Cincinnati VAMC
  • VA Palo Alto Health Care System
  • Pittsburgh VAMC
  • VA Western Colorado Health Care System
  • Western North Carolina VA Health Care System
  • VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System

In Phase Two, LeviSense will provide alpha systems for user experience testing in two VAMCs.  The program will run from June through December 2021.

About The VHAIE/iNET:

Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem’s Innovators Network (VHAIE/iNET) created the Greenhouse Initiative (“Greenhouse”) as an opportunity for the health care innovation community to collaborate with iNET sites throughout the country at the earliest stages of innovation.  https://www.va.gov/INNOVATIONECOSYSTEM/views/solutions/greenhouse-initiative.html

About LeviSense Medical, Inc.:

LeviSense Medical, Inc. is a Boston area medical technology firm engaged in developing a therapeutic bed system that will advance the prevention and treatment of pressure induced wounds and ulcers in a variety of patient populations and disease states.

For more information about LeviSense, visit the company’s Web site at www.LeviSenseMedical.com.