Pressure Injuries: Painful, deadly and all too common

Pressure injuries (also know as bed sores or pressure ulcers) are a major public health problem, affecting 2.5 million Americans, leading to 61,000 deaths annually. 

Pressure injuries are disfiguring, painful and take months of labor-intensive care to heal.  The pain associated with pressure injuries has an adverse impact on all aspects of daily life and mobility. Patients describe days clouded in pain and unrelenting discomfort from the sores.  The inability to find a comfortable position while keeping weight off of the affected area makes restful sleep elusive.


LeviSense SensorCells™

The LeviSense Vertical Support Technology™:  Immediate personalized comfort and protection from harmful pressure

A Pinscreen

The LeviSense ProDaptive™ Surface’s Vertical Support Technology™ (VST) is comprised of hundreds of SensorCells™.  A SensorCell surface works like a Pinscreen, conforming to the smallest boney protrusions, where pressure injuries usually occur, to protect the patient from the excess pressure and shear that can cause or worsen a wound.  The pressure in the SensorCells can be regulatated from 0 to 32 mmHg in order to control the pressure on the skin.  

The LeviSense ProDaptive™ Surface provides unparalleled immersion and envelopment of the patient’s body.  The result is unmatched comfortable support and protection from excessive pressure that may cause other wounds to form or existing wounds to worsen.

The surface has more individual programmable sections than any other therapeutic surface that permits the caregiver to customize the surface for the patient’s comfort and allows for complete offloading of painful areas. 

All custom settings are immediately felt, so the caregiver knows when the adjustment is right.

More programmable zones…

…for healing comfort and protection