Lake Nona VA, Orlando – June 2023

Levisense Medical’s mission is to provide revolutionary, cost-effective solutions for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries for use in hospitals, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities, and in homes.  We believe that we can dramatically reduce the cost of care and the burden on the care staff.  So, we took a fully functional LeviSense surface on the road to have healthcare professionals and a panel of industry insiders try out the bed and put our assumptions to the test.

The Test of the LeviSense ProDaptive™ Surface

The ProDaptive™ Prototype

Our team was under a lot of pressure to finish the prototype by the date we had agreed to with our contacts with the Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE).  Thanks to a lot of hard work, it was finished just two days before June 9th when we put it on a truck for the Lake Nona VA Medical Center in Florida.

In order to demonstrate the surface’s compatibility with the most common frames in the industry, our ProDaptive™ surface was mounted on a NOA Medical bed frame; a medium-weight, electrically adjustable frame, much like those found in skilled nursing environments all around the US.

The ProDaptive™ surface can be put on almost any frame – from frames used in a hospital ICU to a standard bed frame found in the home.  The LeviSense surface was equipped with our proprietary SensorCell™ Vertical Support Technology, which includes the following features:

The Results

While at the Lake Nona VA we demonstrated the bed’s features to 55 subject matter experts (SME) and 35 of them experienced the features on the surface, while others operated the controls.  The SME’s represented experts from the medical center, skilled nursing, and home health care.  Here are some representative comments:

  1. Love the adjustability of the system and the immediate tactile response.
  2. Comfort is extraordinary!
  3. As a replacement mattress, we can use it on any bed and in any care environment.
  4. Heel flotation is a major time saver. I won’t need boots and cushions.
  5. Ease of repositioning without extra pillows and wedges is such a time saver.
  6. Cavity creation would be useful for treatment and comfort.
  7. The Dynamic Unloading function is a must for homecare use.
  8. No need to set by patient weight and the memorized settings are a time-saver.
  9. Same cleaning procedure as any other surface – good.
  10. Actual surface pressure readings help to make adjustments fast and easy.

Here are a few notable quotes from the healthcare professionals that reviewed the Prodaptive™ surface:

  • “Sacral float – Awesome!”
  • “Love the customization.”
  • “Where was this mattress 20 years ago when I was nursing?”
  • “The only thing it needs is a cup holder and a cool paint job!”

Of course, the experts offered suggestions as well.  They suggested putting an image of a body to help orient the direction of the control screen and adding a patient ingress/egress control and several refinements for the user interface.  Consider it DONE!

Next Steps for the ProDaptive™ Surface

The reviews of the prototype were unanimous – The LeviSense surface is unique in its ability to manage pressure with precision, speed, and ease.  It controls pressure redistribution with support cells that conform more precisely to the boney prominences of the body, allowing a deeper immersion into the surface, and can be controlled to provide custom pressure relief to vulnerable areas of the body. The user interface is “user friendly and intuitive.”

The overwhelmingly positive reviews by the Lake Nona SME’s, industry advisors, and the panels in Austin were the validation necessary to greenlight production of the ProDaptive™ surface.

None of this would have been possible without the dedication and vision of a remarkable group of individuals: a mission-driven board of directors, committed investors, advisors (official BOA and others), the Bleck Design team, the VHA Innovators Network, and many clinicians and care professionals who shared their experience and input during development.

As a result of their efforts and the positive feedback we’ve received – WE ARE A GO TO BRING OUR ProDaptive™ SURFACE TO MARKET, AND THE SOONER THE BETTER!